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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

..work..work..and more work..

hmm...the day started beautiful but when i was summoned to see the King, i knew i'll be given more tasks hehehhehehe today's orders from the Majesty (not much..just five..yup..FIVEEEEEEE...sabo jek laa) would include future projects and His Royal Highness also touched on the effectiveness of my unit..errrkk..hebat sgt ke dia nk comment2 nie..anyway, i've completed 2 and 3 more to go..huhuhu..pensyannnnnnnnnnnnn..

esok dh la nk kena jd Cip kat hall..then ptg jadik inspector gadget..bila nak pi membantu the nation's economy nie..tapi takpe..mlm esok kita gi TGV eh..tgk THOR..yup..and then a special dinner..yeayyyyy...i'll find ways to treat myself ahahahhahahaa..as usual..

ok laa..jom sambung kija2 Tuanku nie dulu..esok nk present huhuhuhuhuhu..pepehal pun OySdKt..

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