wat mcm blog sendiri eh ahahahhhahhahahahahha

Saturday, May 1, 2010

cemana eh?

any idea cemana nak attach lagu eh...hmmmmm....


  1. salam sir..
    welcome to blogger club..hihii..
    so, for ans ur quest bout how to put music in our blog..
    1st, open my blog..
    2nd, go straight down, loook at left side bar..click on Gratisan music..then new page will shown up..
    3rd, choose song from that page..copy code..
    4th, go to your blog setting layout, add gadget, click on HTML/Javascript.. then paste on that apps..
    5th, save ur setting..done! simple rite?hihihi..happy trying sir..=)

  2. perggghhhh....mcm syusyah jek
    takpe...when u r free, kita wat kat ofis ahahhahahaha