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Thursday, May 6, 2010

...a tiring wednesday...

been busy...let's see...what did i do y'day..hmmm...was in the office early to settle the visa...then brought LUV n OPKIM members to Pusat Bandar Damansara to do their group pasport..it was a nitemare...didnt really know where the place is...so, redah je lor...luckily we got there safely n just in time to get pictures taken, form filled in...queued for ages and by 4 i was back in bmi..

as usual, wednesday will be our (KYRS n DOMF) secret recipe day...was there a bit late...thanks KYRS for driving, as usual hehehehehhehe..had my regular fish n chips n mocha espresso. KYRS tried laksa sarawak n her regular ice blended cappucino.. she said that it wasnt that bad...might try it one of these days..

then we went to memory lane to get cik Teddy a card...a farewell card cum a good luck card...found 1 card which is cute n cheeky..love it at first sight...

at nite, cikman prepared dinner ; chicken soup (my fav), telur dadar n sayur kacang botol...PLUS my ribena...yeayyyyy....

had my cough syrup soon after n went off to dreamland early hehehehhehehe

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